Minneapolis Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Animal attacks are often traumatic and even life altering. A dog bite can cause significant damage, especially to children. This can result in costly surgeries, or even therapy, to correct the harm. If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by another person's dog or pet, there are legal options you can take to receive compensation for the attack.

At Woods & Thompson, our attorneys understand the physical and emotional scarring that can result from a dog attack. We work to ensure that you or your child's scars and injuries receive the treatment needed to make the fullest recovery possible, while we fight to ensure that those medical bills and pain are compensated.

Many victims of dog bites are attacked by the dog of a friend, family member or neighbor. While most people want to avoid a claim against someone they know and love, it is important that the treatments you need are covered.

We will work through the individual's insurance policies, finding coverage for your medical bills. After years of paying premiums, insurance is there to provide benefits when you need it. We will seek maximum compensation from the insurance companies.

We are known and trusted throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin by clients whom we have helped recover. Doctors respect our work and routinely refer patients to us for representation. Our staff provides individualized care and attention on each case, committed to recovering everything that the client is entitled to.