• Auto Accidents

• Asbestos Lawsuit

• Bicycle Accidents

• Boating Accidents

• Bus Accidents

• Car Accidents

o Car Accident Death

o Car Accident Injury

o Car Accident Settlement

o Distracted Driving

o Driving While Texting Accident

o Fatal Car Accident

o Good Faith Law

o Speeding Accident

• Dog Bite / Animal Attack

o Harboring or Keeping Defined

o Learn About Dog Safety

o Pit Bull Bite Lawyer

o Provocation In Dog Bite Case

o Punitive Damages

o Running at Large Defined

o Types of Dog Aggression

o What To Do After a Dog Bite

• Electric Shock

• E Coli Outbreak

• Epidural Injections

• Food Poisoning

• Garbage Truck Accidents

• Motorcycle Crashes

• Jet Ski Accident

• Pedestrian Accidents

• Burns & Explosions

• Birthing Injuries

• Surgical Errors

• Homeowner Liability

• Dangerous Drugs / Class Action

• Premises Liability

• Chronic Pain

• Boating Accident

• Product Liability

• School Bus Accidents

• Slip and Fall Accident

• Chiropractor Malpractice

• Train Accidents

• Truck Accidents

• Truck Crash Lawyer

• Ankle, Foot Injuries

o Broken Ankle

o Broken Foot

o Calcaneal Fracture

o Lisfranc Fracture

o Metatarsal Fracture

o Talus Fracture

o Trimalleolar Fracture

• Brain Injury (TBI)

o Brain Injury Symptoms

o Cerebral Anoxia

o Concussion

o Coup and Contrecoup Brain Injury

o Head Injury

o Neuropsychology and Neuropsychological Evaluation

o Permanent Disability

o Post-Concussive Syndrome

o Skull Fracture

o Subdural Hematoma

• Burn Injuries

o First Degree Burn Injury

o Second Degree Burn Injury

o Third Degree Burn Injury

• Child Injuries

• Ear Injuries

o BPPV / Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo / Ear Crystals

o Hearing Loss

o Tinnitus

• Electrical Shock Injury

• Heart Injury

• Lung Injury

• Prescription Drug Recall

• Swimming Pool Accidents

• Airline Accidents

• Aviation Accidents

• Recreational Vehicles

• Crane Accidents

• Hazardous Chemical Exposure

• Fire Accidents

• Misdiagnosis

• Eye Injury

o Anisocoria

o Bell’s Palsy

o Blocked Tear Duct

o Horner’s Syndrome

o Hyphema

o Retinal Detachment

• Knee Injuries

o ACL Injury

o Chondromalacia

o MCL Tear

o Meniscus Tear

o Patella Fracture

o Patellar Tendon Repair / Reconstruction

o PCL Injury

• Leg, Hip Injuries

o Acetabular Fracture / Hip Fracture

o Broken Hip

o Broken Leg

o Femur Fracture

o Hip Replacement Surgery

o Leg Amputation

o Pelvic Fracture

o Tibia Fibula Fracture

o Tibial Plateau Fracture

• Mesothelioma Lawsuit

• Personal Injury

• Golf Ball Injury

• Deck Collapse

• Complex Regional Pain

• Myofascial Pain

• Acupuncture Malpractice

• Migraine & Headaches

• Shoulder, Arm, Elbow Injuries

o Broken Arm

o Broken Clavicle

o Broken Elbow

o Broken Scapula

o Rotator Cuff Injury

o Shoulder Impingement – Bursitis

o Shoulder Separation

o SLAP Tear – Labral Tear

o Ulna Radial Fracture

o Ulnar Nerve Injury

• Spinal Injuries

o Back Injury

o Burst Fracture

o Compression Fracture

o Facet Joint Injury

o Herniated Disc

o Laminectomy

o Paraplegia

o Radiofrequency Neurotomy (RFN)

o Soft Tissue Injury

o Spinal Fusion

o Spinal Stenosis

• Trigger Point Injections

• Workplace Injuries

• Wrongful Death

o Evidence for MN Wrongful Death Case

o Minnesota Beneficiary Claims

o Minnesota Wrongful Death Damages

o Minnesota Wrongful Death Statute

o Statute of Limitations in Minnesota Wrongful Death Case

o What Is a MN Wrongful Death Suit?

o Wrongful Death of a Child

o Wrongful Death of an Elderly Person

o Wrongful Death of an Unborn Child

• Other Practice Areas:

o Assault and Battery

o Medical Malpractice

o Nursing Home Malpractice

o Undiagnosed Condition

o Failure To Treat

o Emergency Room Malpractice

o Failure To Diagnose

o Doctor Errors

o Medical Equipment Malpractice

o Hospital Infection

o Amusement Park Accident

o Roller Coaster Accident

o Staircase Accident

o Escalator Accident

o Elevator Accident

o Prescription Errors