Woods & Thompson, P.A.

Paul A. Thompson
Partner, Founder, Attorney

Lindsay M. Keller
Partner, Litigation Attorney


Woods & Thompson, P.A. strives to provide compassionate advocacy for a diverse clientele of accident victims.  We vigorously pursue justice for each and every client, while achieving results that exceed expectations.  Woods & Thompson, P.A. provides financial justice for the injured clients we zealously represent, while also facilitating physical and emotional healing of our clients through a high level of service and caring.  

The lawyer-client relationship is special, based upon trust, discretion, and absolute confidentiality.  We ensure that each client’s needs are addressed and understood, and we do so by treating each client’s problems as if they were our own.  It is our goal for each client to feel fulfilled at the conclusion of his/her case, confident that Woods & Thompson, P.A. has pursued the full range of legal remedies available through compassionate and ethical advocacy.  By honoring the attorney-client relationship, by practicing our philosophy of client service, and achieving exemplary results, verdicts, and settlements, we meet the high standards we have set for ourselves in representing our clients.

Beyond excellent legal representation, Woods & Thompson, P.A. strives to be a good corporate citizen, supporting our community, as well as local projects that fit within our corporate culture, vision, and values.  Through active participation, we strengthen our community, and in turn, make Woods & Thompson, P.A. a better firm.

Woods & Thompson, P.A. is honored to serve our clients in their times of need, through our legal expertise, time, and empathy.  We are dedicated to legal excellence, responsiveness, and compassion, and will always appreciate, be humbled by, and be grateful for the trust placed upon us by those who call upon our services.