At Woods & Thompson, P.A. we pride ourselves on working with our clients as a partner to help them recover 100% of the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Read on to see a few comments from some of the clients we have had the pleasure to work with over the years.

Woods & Thompson helped me get my life back together after I was injured by an SUV on my bicycle.  Lindsay Mancini was especially helpful.  She took the time to listen, and was sincere in her concern for my well-being.  For this, and much more, I can't thank the Woods & Thompson team enough, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs help during what can be the most trying time of your life.  Kyle Bendt, MN

I can't say enough how grateful I am to have had Woods & Thompson by my side.  Paul Thompson and Lindsay Mancini have gone above and beyond for me.  They have always made sure I knew what the next step was, and the progress of my case.  I am so appreciate of everything Woods & Thompson has done.  They really do an awesome job and you can tell how much passion they have for their careers.  I would highly recommend Woods & Thompson to anyone who is in need of a phenomenal law firm.  Courtney Jacobs, MN

I was a passenger in a vehicle that was in an awful single vehicle rollover accident. My injuries were so severe that, even after multiple surgeries, I was unable to return to work. The attorneys at Woods & Thompson, P.A. worked my case from every possible perspective in, order to make sure I received the maximum settlement possible. They did a great job for me.   Daniel Ortiz, MN

I was in a horrible multi-car accident which resulted in a broken leg, broken ribs and some internal injuries. Woods & Thompson, P.A. did a wonderful job of discovering and holding accountable all the responsible parties. Because of their diligence, I was able to receive a higher settlement which helped cover my medical bills.  Diane DeYoung, WI

When I was in an auto accident in which I was rear ended by another car, I had some pretty serious neck and back injuries. My insurance company initially refused to cover my medical expenses. The attorneys at Woods & Thompson, P.A. fought their decision and got me the money I needed for my medical care.  Danielle Berg, MN

My son was killed in a tragic accident when he fell out of the back of a pick-up truck whose driver had been drinking. Woods & Thompson, P.A. really went above and beyond in their pursuit of compensation for our family. In the end, they recovered damages from the bar that served the drinks, the driver of the truck, and the dealership that owned the truck.  Elena Dinca & Family, MN